MDR Kultur rebroadcasts K.I.T.A.

March 25th 2024 starting 10 pm the radio station MDR Kultur will rebroadcast our radio play “K.I.T.A. – The Human Possible” that was nominated for the Radio Play Award of Blind War Veterans 2023.

Installation in Gröditz

From December 1st to 3rd 2023 at Dreiseithof in Gröditz the National Art Collections Dresden will present “In the Rear Mirror the Future” readings by Magdalena Schrefel, Tim Holland, and Ulrike Feibig, a sound performance by Anna Schimkat, video works by Robert Arnold and my sound installation “City Fragments”.

Grey Heron live in Leipzig

September 8th 2023 I will play the field recording tornado “Grey Heron Will Fly” together with works by the Czech colleagues Michal Kindernay and Anna Vohralíková as well as František Hruška for GERÄUSCHKULISSE in Libelle in Leipzig.

Live Concert at Czech Festival

19th August 2023 I will be at the Festival Pohyb___Zvuk____Prostor__2023 in the East of Czech Republic. Invited by the curators Magdaléna Manderlová and Michal Kindernay, as well as by the Gallery Bludný kámen and Vila Vilekula in Háj ve Slezsku I will give a concert for field recordings, water, voice, and breath under the titel “Grey Heron Will Fly”. All works of the festivals circle around the bird reserve Kozmické ptačí louky and other landscapes which followed gravel mining in the area.

K.I.T.A. goes Radio Play Award of Blind War Veterans

15th August 2023 my colleague Antje Vauh and I will travel to Deutschlandfunk in Cologne. Because our radio play K.I.T.A. – The Human Possible is shortlisted for the 72. Radio Play Award of Blind War Veterans. Starting 6:30 pm the award ceremony will also be broadcasted live on air and in stream on Deutschlandfunk.

Wanna Play rebroadcasted for Freispiel

6th July 2023 starting 10:03 pm Deutschlandfunk Kultur will rebroadcast my feature Wanna Play? 2 Worlds and 5 Blind Dates. In 2014 Dries Verhoeven displayed himself in a glas box as an art work. With sex dating apps he invites men to join him but the art project escalates. Five gay men reflect the art project and what it can tell in five blind dates.

K.I.T.A. rebroadcasted for Freispiel

July 6th 2023 starting 10:03 pm Deutschlandfunk Kultur will rebroadcast our radio play K.I.T.A. – The Human Possible. The pilot project K.I.T.A. is funded by government and brings intelligent robots into kindergarten for the first time in Germany. The company KidBot is convinced of their product but how do parents and their children react?

Lost Generation Event in Halle

July 6th 2023, starting 7 pm I will be guest of the House of Literature Halle in the garden Halle’s Cathedral with the radio play Lost Generation. Ein Fiebertraum von Carina Pesch und 4 Hungerstreikenden. I developed the radio play together with four young activists who went on hunger strike before the election 2021 to trigger a suitable reaction to the climate emergency by politicians. The four play themselves in the future 2035. After the joint listening there will be a discussion, moderated by Tobias Barth. Entrance is free of charge.

360° Sound Installation Follow Me II. at ZiMMT

From 22nd June to 2nd July 2023 daily, except monday + tuesday, 6 to 9 pm the 32.2 channel installation Follow Me can be experienced. Searching voices circle the visitors and float in a sound ocean of city sounds and musical compositions as a psychosocial shadow play. The installation is based on a performative series of explorations that happened 2022 during Sohnor Festival in Bern and documenta in Kassel together with the performers August Geyler, Gwen Kyrg, and Laura Wasniewski: The performers followed strangers and one another in public space and continously voiced their observations and projections. La Pesch mixed the three streams of consciousness live in front of the audience. For ZiMMT she reworked the acoustic material from the resonating urban space into a spatial arrangement.

Registration for Sound Walk Starts

On the 9th and 10th June 2023 I will guide two sound walks around and in Brunswick Castle for Allgemeiner Konsumverein and klangstaetten | stadtklaenge ‘Braunschweig hört sich zu’, curated by Katrinem and Sam Auinger. June 11th an artist talk about the castle, my explorations, and the walk will take place. In May and June more sound walks and an exhibition will also happen.

Follow Me – Repercussions goes Cultural Symposium Weimar

May 10th 2023 between 16:15 and 16:46 Uhr I will explore trust in the performance process of Follow Me together with Konrad Behr and the audience at E-Werk Weimar and of Bauhaus.fm Weimar (106.6 MHz). I will bring some performative elements and the voices of the great performers August Geyler, Gwen Kyrg, and Laura Wasniewski.

Explorations for a New Sound Work

From 4th to 7th May 2023 I will explore the soundscapes in and around Ostrava and Opava in Czech Republic together with Magdaléna Manderlová, Michal Kindernay, and Martin Režný. Presentation and the work can be experienced at Bludný kámen and PLATO in August during a festival.

Honorary Mention for Lost Generation!?

The jury of the German Academy for Performative Arts awarded the radio play “Lost Generation?! A Fever Dream by Carina Pesch and 4 Hunger Strikers” on the occasion Radio Play of the Month March 2023 with a honorary mentioneine lobende Erwähnung aus: “In kritischer Fabulation, zwischen Traumlandschaft und Politikerzitat, erkundet das Hörspiel die Frage ‚Was hätten wir tun müssen?‘ und regt auf herausragende Weise immer wieder zum Nachdenken über politische Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und die Grenzen der Partizipation an.”

Development of a New Sound Walk

From 17th to 23rd April 2023 I will explore Brunswick and its castle for a new sound walk for Allgemeiner Konsumverein in the framework of klangstaetten. The guided sound walk can be experienced on 9th and 10th of June 2023. The exhibition grows in the process and can already be visited.

1st Broadcast Lost Generation!?

The radio play “Lost Generation!? A Fever Dream by Carina Pesch and 4 Hunger Strikers” airs for the first time on 6th March 2023 at 10 pm. The piece is part of the science fiction ARD series “2025. The Future Starts Now” and was developed in a collective process.

Follow Me goes Phonon Festival

The octophonic installation “Follow Me” at Phonon Festival in Ústí nad Labem on the 23rd and 24th September 2022. In best company with works by Hildegard Westerkamp, Barry Truax, and Jiří Suchánek the circular play of projection can be experienced at the House of Arts on Friday and Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00 o’clock.

Follow Me goes Serial

The live performance “Follow Me” goes serial. It travels to documenta 15 and scrutinizes projections at 4 secret places in public space. The performance series will be presented by Kulturhaus Dock 4 in Kassel from 12th to 14th August 2022 in German. Escape the daily. Step into daily life. Become an exclusive part of the projections happening every day.

The Wolf in Us goes Hörspielwochenende

My radio play collage “The Wolf in Us” will be played at Hörspielwochenende Brandenburg 2022. The short piece is based exclusively on contemporary wolf reports, documentaries, news, and wolf tales. It holds up the mirror in which the known and the other meet. The piece won 2nd price during Berliner Hörspielfestival‘s The Short Burning Mic 2019 and was shortlisted for Prix Europa 2020.

Bird in a Cage in the Short Form Competition

My cut-up collage “Bird in a Cage” will be in the short form competition for radio plays of the 20. edition of Hörspielsommer. It will compete with 12 other pieces shorter than 3 minutes. From 2nd to 10th July 2022 you can be the jury of this competition. All pieces will be played during the festival a couple of times, you vote and on Sonday, 10th July 5 p.m. the Top Ten will be nominated.

First broadcast of K.I.T.A. in Freispiel

23rd June 2022 starting 10:03 p.m. the radio play mockumentary “K.I.T.A. – The Human Possible” will air on the waves of its co-producer Deutschlandfunk Kultur for the first time.

Follow Me goes ZiXP

My 8-channel-installation “Follow Me“, that was created during the residency “The Curious Loop” with Field Kitchen Academy 2020 can be experienced at ZIMMT during ZiXP Festival on 18th and 19th June 2022.

Conservation Conversation goes Grand Prix Nova

My sound essay “Conservation Conversation” is shortlisted for Grand Prix Nova. From 14th to 18th June 2022 I will therefore become part of the jury in Bucharest. The composition was created during Sonic Future Residency #3 by SEMI SILENT. Fingers crossed!

Primal transmission of K.I.T.A. on WDR3

The radio play experiment “K.I.T.A. – The Human Possible” by Antje Vauh and I will flicker on the airwaves for the first time 22nd May 2022 7:04 p.m.. In the government-funded pilot project K.I.T.A., an intelligent nanny system is being used for the first time in Germany. Kindergarten teachers are enthusiastic, but how do parents and children react to the KidBots?

Oceanus by Chris Watson in Leipzig

It will be a very special honor for me and my colleagues Martina Weber and Lena Löhr to moderate and host the surround concert “Oceanus” by Chris Watson as well as the open audience discussion of the experience afterwards in the ballroom of Schaubühne Lindenfels on the 1st May 2022. The concert is the perfect finale to the GERÄUSCHKULISSE events with Chris Watson.

Serial Loop re-broadcasted by Deutschlandfunk Kultur

The radio feature “Serial Loop” by Antje Vauh and I will be re-broadcasted by Deutschlandfunk Kultur on 11th March 2022. New chance for all who have not listened yet.

First long Radio Feature. First Rebroadcast.

My very first long radio feature “Scold Me. But Spell My Name Right.” will be re-broadcasted by Deutschlandfunk Kultur on am 19th February 2022. The piece explores the phenomenon Roland Girtler and puts on stage the staging.

Tickets for premiere

The premiere of the performance „Follow Me“ will be happening during Sonohr Festival in Ciné Rex in Bern, February 26th 2022 starting 6:30 pm. Save your tickets now:

New composition on Semi Silent

La Pesch’s new field recording composition „Conservation Conversation“ als Podcast auf Semi Silent veröffentlicht. Die Komposition entstand während der Sonic Future Residencies #3 im Muzeul Național „George Enescu“ in Tescani, Rumänien im September 2021.

Neustart Kultur for Lost Generation 2035

The development of my new radio play “Lost Generation 2035” receives a stipend by VG-Wort in the framework of Neustart Kultur. I will produce the piece together with the hunger strikers of 2021, who put pressure on politicians before the election to finally enfore measures against the climate crisis.

Neustart Kultur for Follow Me

Follow Me – The Performance” is not only invited to Sonohr Festival but is now also supported by Neustart Kultur / GVL with a stipend. Now, the conceptional refinement and rehearsals with the performers can start.

Follow Me goes Sonohr Festival 2022

Follow Me – The Performance” is invited to Sonohr Festival. 25th of February 2022 we will open the Radio and Podcast Festival.

White Elster goes Radiophrenia Festival

Together with 16 sound walks of the RIVERSSSOUNDS residents 2020/21 my “White Elster – The Soundwalk” will be aired during the Sound and Transmission Art Festival Radiophrenia 2022.

From now on part of the CENSE Almanac

The Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies (CENSE) has published different approaches to Acoustic Ecology. I am very excited to be included with many fascinating colleagues.

Follow Me presented at Hörspieltage in Krems

In the Austrian city of Krems – somewhere between Danube, prison, and art museums – I will present my cycle of work “Follow Me – Fragments of a Radio Play Development” at the Liaterature House on 31st of October 2021. I will talk about the developments from radio play to sound installation, and live performance due to the pandemic.

Freispiel rebroadcasts Wanna Play?

My radio feature “Wanna Play? 2 Worlds & 5 Blind-Dates” (SWR 2015) is aired again during Freispiel on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 21st of October 2021 starting 10:03 pm.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur spielt Nicaragua Libre?!

The first radio feature by Lena Löhr “Nicaragua Libre?! Political Struggels on Nicaragua’s Walls“, which I was allowed to direct, is rebroadcasted on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 19th of October 2021 starting 10:03 pm.

BLINDer goes Seanaps Festival 2021

The working grant for BLINDer by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony is still on for a few days, and there comes the first public performance of BLINDer! For Seanaps Festival end of September, in cooperation with Ana Berkenhoff. I am really happy – A live abandonment in the Radiolab.

Selected for Sonic Future Residencies #3

Happy to be selected to join the third edition of Sonic Future Residencies by Semi Silent, in Tescani / Romania. Among 7 other artist I will be recording and exploring human and non-human beings in the environment of a Moldavian mountain village early September.

Interviewed by Jez Riley French

The British sound artist Jez Riley French has a lovely interview series, an archive of different approaches, ideas, and artists in the field of located sound. From today on I am part of the library of sound enthusiasts.

Invited by Audiotalaia Extra

June 1st 2021 starting at noon I will talk with Edu Comelles about voice, radio, improvisation, and field recordings für Audiotalaia Extra on twitch. Join us for the talk.

Being All Ears invited by Notam

April 28th 2021 starting 7 pm I will speak about my work under the title “Being All Ears” together with Sara Persico und Agnes Ida Pettersen on the invitation by Norwegian Centre for Technology in Music and the Arts (Notam) during an online Meetup.

Radio Play Stipend for K.I.T.A.

The second piece together with Antje Vauh “K.I.T.A. – The Human Possible” is funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW with a radio play stipend.

White Elster flows online now

My RIVERSSSOUNDS-Residency in March 2021 finished. After the online Artist Talk March 17th and the publication of the Soundwalk on March 24th, now the virtual, interactive composition is also published.

Loop in Serie on Deutschlandfunk Kultur

April 10th 2021 starting 6:05 pm our radio feature “Loop in Serie. A Carousel of Arguments for Contributors” (with Antje Vauh) will be broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Nicaragua Libre?! goes IFC

The radio feature “Nicaragua Libre?! Political Struggles on the Walls of Nicaragua” by Lena Löhr and directed by me is invited for the International Feature Conference 2021 and will be presented virtually.

Deutschlandfunk broadcasts Loop in Serie

March 26th 2021 starting 8:05 pm the radio feature “Loop in Serie. A Carousel of Arguments for Contributors” by Antje Vauh and me airs on Deutschlandfunk.

Soundwalking for Composers

March 25th 2021 starting 11:30 am I will speak about sound walks on invitation by Sound and Music. Participation is online and free.

Follow Me for Women’s Day

The piece documenting my live performance “Follow Me” will be broadcasted with many other works by great female sound artists on CITR 101.9 for International Women’s Day on March 8th 2021.

Print Publication for Anybody Out There?!

From now on the print publication accompanying the exhibition “Anybody Out There?! 100 Years of Radio in Germany” can be ordered on donation under office@d21-leipzig.de. In there are also texts and images of our interactive installation “Radio Activity. A Bulky Receiving Device” and of our collektive radio performance “Poly-Sync” with GERÄUSCHKULISSE Kollektiv.

Stop & Go published

February 19th 2021 my score “Stop & Go. You Are the Public Performance” goes online on 1000 Scores. Thanks go to Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and to Rimini Protokoll.

Nicaragua Libre?! airs for the first time

February 10th 2021 starting 10:05 pm on SWR2 “Nicaragua Libre. Political Struggles on the Walls of Nicaragua”, a radio feature by Lena Löhr directed by me, is broadcasted for the first time.

Artist Talk with Walk*Listen*Café

January 12th 2021 starting 8 pm I present the diversity of my work and explore what holds it all together in the core in the virtual Walk*Listen*Café – “Drifting Through Sounds and the Outer World, Finding Oneself”.

Humanoid Nature goes Kursstrecke #103

October 29th 2021 the field recording composition HUMANOID NATURE will be broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, starting 22:03. Afterwards it will be available to stream online for a short period of time. Don’t miss it.

KdFS funds BILNDer

Great news in the postbox – The Cultural Foundation of the Free Stae of Saxony funds the producttion of my new sound installation BLINDer, in which everything is about blind abandonment. A human being between environment and other humans. Perception, trust, encounters. In the installation visitors become a part of the art work. Now the conception of this new work can happen until the end of 2020.

Shortlisted for Soundwalk September Award

What a year! My album THE EARS MAY TRAVEL is shortlisted for the Soundwalk September Award 2020. In the context of closing borders, not only for health purposes but often also serving a dubious political agenda, the field recording compositions remind the listeners that freedom of movement is a basic human need and a human right for all.

Space–We–Space on Common Waves

October 20th the binaural composition SPACE–WE–SPACE will air again on Common Waves, an International Radio Collective launched during Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020. Tune in. Or listen back later.

Stipend for BLINDer

Great news in the postbox – The cultural office of the city of Leipzig funds the conception of my new sound installation BLINDer, in which everything is about blind abandonment. A human being between environment and other humans. Perception, trust, encounters. In the installation visitors become a part of the art work. Now the conception of this new work can happen until the end of 2020.

Shortlisted for Prix Europa!

I am utterly excited – my cut-up collage THE WOLF IN US is shortlisted for Prix Europa in the category Radio Fiction. End of October 2020 the results will be made public. Unfortunately all festivities in Potsdam are canceled this year due to COVID-19 and everything will happen online.

Loop in Serie airs on SWR2

For the first time my new radio feature LOOP IN SERIE will be broadcasted on SWR2 on September 27th 2020. Tune in and listen. It was written with my colleague Antje Vauh, composed and directed by Antje Vowinckel, edited by Walter Filz, produced by SWR/DLF.

The Curious Loop – Sound Art Residency

15th of August to 9th of September 2020 I am honored to attend Field Kitchen Academy with many exciting composers, musicians, researchers, artists and zen masters and to explore further the power of loops.

Time to Think for „FundStücke“

29th of June to 29th of August 2020 – a stipend for my project „FundStücke“ (found pieces): With sudden changes in daily life during the pandemic, walks became an important way to balance for many people. In the framework of the project walkers find recognizable “FundStücke” in public space that are eye-catching. Every carefully designed “FundStück” includes a QR code that leads to a sound composition or an audio story. They are connected to the place they were found in and can be listened to at home. The city as garden becomes an audible library. From now on, it needs to be mentioned „The creation of this work was made possible by a stipend of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen“.

Master Class in Arles

12th to 16th of July 2020 I will explore the Master Class „La Radio Performée“ by Alessandro Bosetti with Phonurgia Nova in Arles, France. In the past year the jury of Prix Phonurgia Nova honored me with this participation because my project „Follow Me“ impressed them.