Nicaragua Libre?!

Political Struggles on Nicaragua’s Walls.

Large murals have characterized the streets of Nicaragua since the revolution in 1979. They are part of public communication. But something has changed: In 2018, there were nationwide protests against the government, that reacted with brutal violence. Since then, anyone who paints with the wrong color is threatened and persecuted by the police. Those who are loyal to the government paint over the new pictures of protest.

The author met three muralists in 2019: An old friend praises the police, one tells of his arrest, the third of flight and exile. An investigation between suspicious confidants and courageous strangers.

Presented during the 47th International Feature Conference (IFC) 2021, in virtual Cologne.

text / interviews

Lena Löhr


Carina Pesch

technical realization

Wolfgang Rein

voice acting

Marie-Lou Sellem, Lena Löhr, Martin Lau, John Sauter, Fanny Kniestedt

studio recordings

Christian Betz / berlinaudio, GERÄUSCHKULISSE Kollektiv

music / composition

Tuerto Joints, La Pesch

commissioning editor

Wolfram Wessels


SWR 2021