Bird in a Cage.

A Cut-up Collage.

The internet is full of pet videos. While cats are most popular, birds are often overlooked. A pity. Because the relationship between human and bird is set in scene brilliantly and points to fundamental topics – Freedom, Intimicy and their perversion. The collage contrasts 5 rules on how to tame a bird with human habits habits towards their birds that are omnipresent.

Presented at 60 Secondes Radio 2017 and Datscha Radio 2017.
60 Secondes Radio is an international competition for radio art. In 2017 123 works from 23 countries competed. Supported by the National Campus and Community Radio Association of Canada, l’École des Médias, and Phonurgia Nova. Datscha Radio is a temporary radio station at changing locations and a global research project on gardening, run by Gabi Schaffner.

25. Februar 2019 and 8. März 2019,at 0:05 broadcasted on Kurzstrecke 83, Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

English transcript here