GERÄUSCHKULISSE loves listening
Sound worlds & stories, fiction & reality.

Once a month, GERÄUSCHKULISSE invites you to listen to radio plays, radio features and sound art together. The authors are also present. The audience discusses what they have heard with them. All this takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. No panel discussion. No frontal lessons. Instead, exchange at eye level.

What does the audience hear? What does it experience? What pleases? Irritates? Excites? And which thoughts did the makers have in mind? How did the play develop? What was not told? And why?

We illuminate the creative process and listen closely – together. Because together we hear differently – with sharpened ears and sharpened perception. We establish for RadioPlays what has long been the norm for other art forms with cinema tours, reading tours and vernissages. We bring the RadioPlay out of its niche and into the city. We promote young talent. We offer space for experiments. We are making Leipzig the RadioPlayCity.

GERÄUSCHKULISSE is a forum for everyone who likes to listen to good stories and explore worlds of sound. We also offer workshops from time to time. Since 2019, the GERÄUSCHKULISSE collective has also been producing its own works.