Scold Me. But Spell My Name Right.

Professor Girtler or the Production of His Life.

Roland Girtler is considered Austria’s most popular and controversial sociologist. A media star. A scientific performance artist. An enfant terrible. The production is perfect. He counters the dry, unapproachable theory with laughter and stories. His life – a scientific alternative to the appearance of complicated words and thought constructs. And yet he also stages his being as an appearance, as a counter-myth. The audience – enthusiastic, outraged. It scolds and praises. It analyzes.

The author gives the professor an acoustic stage, observes the production performed on it and how the audience reacts. Between bizarre scenes and witty remarks, the image of an eccentric emerges. An impression of what the world does to him and he to the world.

text / sound / directing

Carina Pesch

voice actors

Felix Würgler, Eva-Maria Kurz, Peter Becker, Ruth Weyand, Stephan Baumecker, Carina Pesch


Roland Girtler, Anselm Eder, Peter Gerlich, Josef Hochgerner, Wilhelm Hopf, Peter Huemer, Rotraud Perner, Leopold Rosenmayr, Gerlind Weber


SWR 2014

commissioning editor

Walter Filz


Roland Girtler

Original broadcast 14th December 2014 on SWR2 – Feature am Sonntag.

Roland Girtler mit Fahrrad jongliert