Interactive, Geo-located Audio Stories.

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H-EAR is the first platform for audio games that allow listeners to experience a story from different character perspectives, interactively and on location. Exciting clues and mysterious phone calls lure the listeners to the scenes of action. The view of the city, of perhaps familiar surroundings, is changed by what they hear. H-EAR is augmented reality for the ear.

At exciting turning points, listeners can make decisions that influence the further course of the story. Because the listeners can never fully comprehend the consequences of their decisions, the experienced tension is intensified. This adds to the special appeal of the plot-relevant interactions and increases the listeners’ motivation to finish the story and explore its various facets.

The project was funded by the Media Innovation Funding for Students and Startups (MIZ-Babelsberg) and was awarded Culture and Creative Pilot 2016 by the German government.

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