Space – We – Space.

A Binaural Composition.

This binaural composition explores the city as music. Daily sounds in a post-industrial area, now frequented for leisure time, become extraordinary by a shift in perspective. Just get a little bit closer. Objects are speaking. Resonance is everywhere. Listen. Let go. Drift. Find a wonderful, creepy, and enchanted world of hidden sounds.

The work is the result of a live on-air experiment for the radiolab of seanaps festival 2019. While Lena Löhr and Martina Weber led two groups for a sound walk, Carina Pesch was floating between the groups as microphone on two legs grasping hidden resonances and traces of human interactions with the environment. She streamed these sounds to the temporary studio where JD Zazie modulated and composed in real time before airing. This original 2-hours composition was reworked to a 1-hour composition by Carina Pesch. Recordings were done with a set of binaural mics and a contact mic. The original composition was broadcasted live on sphere radio and radio corax, the reworked version aired on noods radio in Bristol, via the network, and on resonance extra.

sound walk composition: Carina Pesch
workshop led by Lena Löhr, Martina Weber
live sound recordings: Carina Pesch
other sound recordings: JD Zazie, Carina Pesch
live composition: JD Zazie
postproduction & composition: Carina Pesch
production management: Tina Klatte
pictures: Leon Seidel
production: GERÄUSCHKULISSE & Seanaps 2019