The Binaural Radio Play.

Close your eyes. Your body feels heavy. Slowly you drift into dreamland with one of the three artists. Listening to all three dreams, you discover familiar themes, voices, and objects – but each from a different perspective. Will the world still be the same when you wake up?

A joint exploration of the characteristics of dreams by three artists Martina Weber, Lena Löhr and Carina Pesch. Each dream expresses both the personal approach to dreaming and the radio art of the respective artist. Listeners slip into the body, mind and dream of the artist.

The radio play is based on the binaural sound installation of the same name, first produced for Hearsay Festival 2019 and presented again during ZiXP Festival 2019. The radio play won Grand Prix Nova 2020 (3. Platz) in the category “Binaural Radio Drama”.

“[…] three narratives hovering between dreaming and waking states, blurring the boundaries between the conscious and the unconscious. Its lighthearted, sometimes improvisatory approach is anticipating a Nouvelle Vague in audio drama.”

Jury of Grand Prix Nova

text / sound / directing

Lena Löhr, Martina Weber, Carina Pesch

voice actors

Drew Mortimore, Lena Löhr, Martina Weber, Carina Pesch u.a.

radio version

Carina Pesch