Collective Radio Play.

Developing 4 Acts Together.

Carina Pesch mit Schülerinnen an einem Tisch

In six workshop sessions with changing groups, a collective radio play is created along a classical dramaturgy in four acts. The participants develop the story in bits and pieces in different groups, act out the scenes themselves, record on location with professional microphones and recording equipment and finally accompany the post-production. You can imagine this as being similar to those folding pictures that many people paint together: first everyone paints a head on top of the paper, then folds the painting backwards so that only the base of the neck can be seen, passes the paper on, then everyone paints an upper body, folds it back again, passes it on and so on until finally a jointly created being can be seen from head to toe. So the first group does the theme finding and creates the first act up to the first turning point, the second group the second act up to the second turning point, the third up to the climax and the fourth up to the end of the story. The workshop is particularly suitable for children and young people and has been offered in cooperation with ELIG at the Werkstatt+ at the Leipzig Book Fair since 2019.

Excerpts from the interview with Nils Kahlefendt and from the radio play here: