Carina Pesch has been moderating events regularly for around 10 years, online and offline, on stages and at eye level, with expertise, friendly, to the point, and in a well-structured manner.

Moderation “Catching Sounds”

an 8 hours online workshop with Chris Watson


Moderation of Listening Events

Since 2015 regularly for GERÄUSCHKULISSE

Open conversations between sound artists, authors, and the audience. Whether with 15 or 100 guests, in German or English, inside or outside – it is always about mutual exchange. No podium, no frontal teaching. Instead, communication at eye level. We make this possible through a comfortable atmosphere, attentive listening, a seating arrangement without front and back, and our specially developed triangular moderation, which guides with targeted questions, comments, and summaries without forgetting the audience.

Hörspielsommer with Katharina Pelosi and Atonor

11th Juli 2019, Richard- Wagner-Hain, Leipzig

Radio play and talk with Maxi Obexer

18th March 2018 Hostel & Garten Eden, Leipzig

Radio feature and talk with Boniface Mobanza and Veronica Frenzel

18th January 2019 Grassi Museum, Leipzig

Barcamp and award ceremony

14th – 16th December 2018 Westwerk, Leipzig

Concert and talk with Jaromír Typlt and Michal Rataj

27th May 2019 Westwerk, Leipzig

Lecture Performance and talk with Patrick Franke

8th August 2020 East Park, Leipzig

Moderation of the final event of “My Story

Digital storytelling as inspiration for social dialog

wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft, #MyStory: Media, Migrants & Refugees project (Europäische Kommission/Europa für Bürgerinnen und BürgerEuropean Association for Viewers Interests, The Alliance Internationale de JournalistesEuroformIntermediaKTDRPDNM and The Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association)