Thyme & Toad.

Material for Puppet Theater.

Thyme is a purple sock puppet boy. On his head grows, rather tangled, flowering thyme. At night, when everyone is asleep, his bed can suddenly fly. With his cuddly toy Toad, Thyme travels around the world. He leaves the city behind and sees scenes of the day pass by. Gradually it becomes clear that Thyme is trying to escape his fears in his dreams. But no matter where he arrives, his fears ambush him in various guises. He encounters beings who do strange things that have to do with God. A sadhu in India who drinks only milk. A shaman in Siberia, who makes a soul journey with Thyme. A street child in Peru who has only God as his father. A Daoist in China who meditates with Thyme. The Divine helps Thyme to face his fears as well as to learn more about himself and others. And then, he also meets God. At least that is who the puppet claims to be. But Thyme is skeptical because he has seen and learned so much about God that doesn’t look at all like this white-bearded old man. And Thyme encounters monsters that challenge him. One particularly nasty one – the Drool Monster – even kidnaps his faithful companion Toad. Thyme must face his greatest fear – the fear of being all alone.


Carina Pesch


Alexis Krüger


Felix Mayrl

puppet making

Carina Pesch