A Collective Radio Performance.

For the opening of the exhibition “Anybody Out There?! 100 Years of Radio in Germany” by D21 Art Space Leipzig 12th November 2020 with GERÄUSCHKULISSE Kollektiv.

People from Leipzig, Weimar, Berlin, Hamburg, Jena, London, Paris and other places in the world carried their radios. Simultaneously they took their radio for a walk, alone or in pairs. They moved through the city, the park, their apartment, they conquered public space, and did what the radio told them to do. In a thrilling improvisation they were accompanied by the voices of a woman who also carried her radio and described her path, a listener who directed loads of questions towards the radio, the radio itself who thought about its life, and a journalist who wanted to report on the original performance but found something different due to the pandemic. Accompanied by this fictitious live on-air situation all who carried their radio were connected by their receiving device. Musical instructions interrupted the improvised narration on the radio over and over again. In this way those carrying their radio became performers themselves. They danced with their radio, exposed it to the light, responded to the radio, and cuddled with it. During the collective radio performance they had the possibility to send voice messages to the radio that then were broadcasted and became part of the live show. The receivers became transmitters. Those isolated by covid19 were connected. After the performance they sent videos and photos of themselves and their radio. These images and messages were united in a documenting video. What does the radio still tell us today?

Live Radio Performance

Radio Talk about the Work


Lena Löhr, Martina Weber, Carina Pesch


Paulina Rübenstahl, Lena Löhr, Martina Weber, Carina Pesch, diverse

montage / mix

Carina Pesch

live broadcasting

Frederike Moormann

images / video

Constanze Flamme, collective material

video sound

Martina Weber