Grey Heron Will Fly.

A Field Recording Tornado.

The live concert for sound recordings, live water and live voice takes you on an hour-long journey to the Kozmické ptačí louky bird reserve and surrounding landscapes in the eastern Czech Republic. A field recording tornado is slowly brewing. The trip drifts from past gravel mining into the formation of the bird sanctuary, takes a turn into villages with the next passing train and ends in a possible future between highways.

The concert was first performed on August 19th, 2023 at the Pohyb___Zvuk____Prostor__2023 festival in Háj ve Slezsku in eastern Czech Republic. Invited by the curators Magdaléna Manderlová and Michal Kindernay, as well as the Bludný kámen Gallery and Vila Vilekula, “Grey Heron Will Fly” is a concert for field recordings, water, voice and breath. All of the festival’s works deal with the Kozmické ptačí louky bird reserve, with the nearby landscapes, that follow mining, and with listening. The concert was performed again on September 8th 2023 at the invitation of GERÄUSCHKULISSE in Leipzig.

“A listening exercise bordering on meditation by Martina Weber turned into a musical field recording tornado of sounds lasting almost an hour, which Carina Pesch built with careful dramaturgy, graduating from a quiet, meditative beginning to an overwhelming end full of the sounds of transport.”

Review in the Ostravan


La Pesch


Bludný kámen, GERÄUSCHKULISSE 2023

sound recordings

La Pesch


German-Czech Future Fonds,
Student Union Leipzig

live mix, voice, hydrophone

La Pesch


Vila Vilekula, Háj ve Slezsku 2023
Libelle, Leipzig 2023