Follow Me II.

32.2-Channel Installation.

Searching voices circle around themselves and float around the visitors in a sea of urban sounds as a psychosocial shadow play. The installation is based on a psychosocial exploration that La Pesch carried out in 2022 together with the performers August Geyler, Gwen Kyrg and Laura Wasniewski during the Sohnor Festival in Bern and the documenta in Kassel. The performers followed strangers on the street and continuously voiced their observations. They sketched stories that they attributed to the people they were following and then reflected on their projections. La Pesch mixed the three streams of consciousness live in front of an audience in Bern and Kassel.

For the SWiM series at ZiMMT, she has reinterrogated the material of one performance in the city as resonance chamber and transformed it into a surround sound installation. So, the urban space of Kassel, in which three followings move towards unexpected escalations on a summery Saturday evening in front of the Haus-Rucker-Co Frame Construction, is transferred to the hall of ZiMMT in Leipzig. Visitors wander between 32 loudspeakers through what has long since happened and lose themselves in their own worlds.

What do we see in other people?