Walk This Way.

A Quadrophonic Composition.

A performative walk from the Hall of Congress at the zoo to Wilhelm-Leuschner-Square in Leipzig – from two different perspectives. A woman who can see and one who is blind experience the same path. With the voice impro Automatic Speaking by Antje Vowinckel they put their perceptions into words unfiltered. Based on this material a quadrophonic composition with sounds and two voices is created. It was audible in front of a big stage for the opening of the Louis Braille Festivals 2019. A musical-rhythmic arrangement, that takes listeners on a journey. There really isn’t anything to see here. Close your eyes!

conzept & realisation: Martina Weber, Carina Pesch, Lena Löhr
field recordings: Lena Löhr
voices: Pernille Sonne, Martina Weber
montage: Carina Pesch
mix: Sebastian Bode / Teleskop Musikproduktion
A produktion by GERÄUSCHKULISSE Kollektiv 2019