The Wall

A Site-Specific Installation.

The dust road passing the Alberg Rural in El Polell has been used for transportation for centuries. Most people simply pass by without noticing any details along the way and without becoming conscious of all the people who walked that way before.

The sound installation “The Wall” draws the attention of those passing by to the smallest details that can be perceived when walking. It makes the wall talk as if ghosts of all those who passed by before were talking, talking, talking… and walking, walking, walking.

In order to create the material for this installation the method of Automatic Speaking (invented by Antje Vowinckel) was used. It transforms the technique of Ecrivé Automatique to voice by slowly walking while constantly speaking anything that can be perceived and comes to mind in the very moment. Done by different persons a variety of perspectives and perceptions of the environment can be recorded and composed as a puzzled reality. In this installation the visitor can freely move between the speakers. The movement enables him to fade in and out, listen more closely or pass by another time.

The installation was created during Audiotalaia Summer Camp 2018 by Robert Coleman, Ludwig Meckel, and Carina Pesch. The residency was made possible by the European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo.