Morning Dew and Dog Piss.

A Binaural Field Recording Composition.

A beautiful morning. Walking out of the hotel room. White walls, blue blinds, ocean view. Sweet water is rare. It comes from broken tubes and feeds the chickens. It comes from sprinklers and feeds the grass for the sheep to graze. But watch out – all is guarded by dogs. Their barks echoing in the gorge. Their piss is their weapon. Penetrators with listening ears beware of them when you allure their protégés. Lucky enough only the shoes were hit, no recorder, no microphone…

Recorded in Aghia Roumeli on the Greek island of Crete, a scenic village once a day flooded by tourists who hiked Samaria gorge who are fed with souflaki and disappeare on one of the ferries – the rest of the day is calm and quiet. Recorded in August 2019.

recordings / composition

Carina Pesch


independent production 2019


Carina Pesch