Decadència Viva.

A Site-Specific Sound Installation.

Decadència Viva – site-specific sound installation, chapel of Santa Susanna in El Polell

Life, death and the transformations in between are the focus of this 6-channel installation. The presence and absence of humankind leaves traces and changes the landscape. Past and present merge here acoustically, drawing attention to transformation processes and encouraging reflection. Once monks lived here, raised bees, accompanied the transitional stages of human life – birth, communion, marriage, funeral. Today, the place itself is in a transitional stage. New life has moved in – ants, moths, bats and ivy next to the traces of old use. The artists sonified the traces of time, the past and the present, conquest and reconquest.

All the sounds and voices sounded from hidden speakers in the sacristy of the Santa Susanna Chapel in El Polell, Spain. The chapel was abandoned for decades and was reopened for the first time for the final presentation of the Sound Art Residency Audiotalaia Summer Camp 2018 in El Polell, Montseny, Spain.

Also on framework radio: here (starting 39:29)

installation / concept / text / recordings

Martina Weber, Carina Pesch


Carina Pesch

The residency was made possible by the European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo.

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