Freedom. Fear. Two Women in the Syrian Revolution.

A Radiophonic Portrait.

Syrerin mit Handy auf Demo

The uprising in Syria is becoming more Islamist, more violent, and all-male – they say. But there is still non-violent resistance, and many Syrian women are active in it. They are founding women’s groups, organizing aid and working on concepts for the future. Above all shattered expectations, there is still the dream of freedom. “Freedom. Fear.” portrays the inner life of two activists from Damascus. One of them, by chance, landed in safe Europe just in time before being arrested, the other was not as lucky and faced interrogation but keeps returning to the crisis area.

text / sound / directing

Carina Pesch


SWR2 tandem 2013


Viola Neumann, Karen Suender, and others

commissioning editor

Alexandra Müller