Frau mit Ohrenwindschutz zwischen zwei Wänden
This binaural composition explores the city as music. Daily sounds in a post-industrial area, now frequented for leisure time, become extraordinary by a shift in perspective. Just get a little bit closer. Objects are speaking. Resonance is everywhere. Listen. Let go. Drift. Find a wonderful, creepy, and enchanted world of hidden sounds.

The work is the result of a live on-air experiment for the radiolab of seanaps festival 2019. While Lena Löhr and Martina Weber led two groups for a sound walk, Carina Pesch was floating between the groups as microphone on two legs grasping hidden resonances and traces of human interactions with the environment. She streamed these sounds to the temporary studio where JD Zazie modulated and composed in real time before airing. This original 2-hours composition was reworked to a 1-hour composition by Carina Pesch. Recordings were done with a set of binaural mics and a contact mic. The original composition was broadcasted live on sphere radio and radio corax, the reworked version aired on noods radio in Bristol, via the network, and on resonance extra.

sound walk composition: Carina Pesch
workshop led by Lena Löhr, Martina Weber
live sound recordings: Carina Pesch
other sound recordings: JD Zazie, Carina Pesch
live composition: JD Zazie
postproduction & composition: Carina Pesch
production management: Tina Klatte
pictures: Leon Seidel
production: GERÄUSCHKULISSE & Seanaps 2019





A memory of sound. Sound without a word. Voice without a face. Sillible without tone. Tone without weight. Body without mass. Movement and process. Bodies making sounds. In remembrance of a workshop led by Martin Lau in Leipzig on the 24th and 25th of June in 2016 with GERÄUSCHKULISSE.





A binaural field recording by Carina Pesch.

A beautiful morning. Walking out of the hotel room. White walls, blue blinds, ocean view. Sweet water is rare. It comes from broken tubes and feeds the chickens. It comes from sprinklers and feeds the grass for the sheep to graze. But watch out – all is guarded by dogs. Their barks echoing in the gorge. Their piss is their weapon. Penetrators with listening ears beware of them when you allure their protégés. Lucky enough only the shoes were hit, no recorder, no microphone…

Recorded in Aghia Roumeli on the Greek island of Crete, a scenic village once a day flooded by tourists who hiked Samaria gorge who are fed with souflaki and disappeare on one of the ferries – the rest of the day is calm and quiet. Recorded in August 2019.





A binaural field recording by Carina Pesch.

This is the path from underwater caves to the shore, over a dusty hill inhabited by goats through a rusty gate passing a camp site, a bridge over a river, a crowded restaurant… all in search for something cold. The soundscape draws on the simultaneity of natural and human made sounds – under water as well as on land. It pays attention to the influences of tourism on the environment. During the season packs of tourists pass through. A world of sounds between calm, dry nature, boat engines in the distance and hiking tourists who swash through once a day and then disappeare on the last ferry of the day.

Recorded in Aghia Roumeli, a scenic village at the very end of the Samaria gorge on the island of Crete in Greece in August 2019.





A field recording composition by Carina Pesch.

Surrealism in sound. A tiny island in the ocean. With just a couple of lodges. Still you constantly hear electric noise – generators and boat engines of fishermen. A subtle tension is created by the juxtaposition of natural and human-made sounds.

Recorded on Kanawa Island, next to Flores, in Indonesia in 2016. Sound montage and composition in 2019. Both by Carina Pesch.




DREAMWAYS – A Binaural Sound Installation

Frau mit Augenbinde und Kopfhörern im Bett
Walk into a room. Lie down. Put on the headphones. Close your eyes. Your body gets heavier and slowly slowly you walk with one of us into dreamland. From a common starting point three dreams evolve. Each of us takes you on a different journey. Listening to all three dreams you will encounter familiar themes, voices, and things, though from a little different perspective. Once you wake up, will everything still be the same?

The installation was produced by Lena Löhr, Martina Weber, and Carina Pesch for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival and had its debut in Kilfinane/Ireland from the 4th to 7th of April 2019. It was reinstalled at ZiXP Festival in Leipzig from the 19th to 22nd of September 2019.




Site-specific sound installation by Martina Weber and Carina Pesch in the sacristy of the chapel Santa Susanna. Contemplating on life, death, and transformations. All sounds and voices were located in different spots in and around the sacristy. Final presentation during Audiotalaia Summer Camp 2018 in El Polell, Montseny, Catalonia, Spain. With the voices of Balbina Sardà, Martin Pineda, and Emma Jovita Fern. 6-channel-installation. The residency was made possible by the European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo.

Photos: here on facebook… or here…
Also, on framework radio: here (starting 39:29)



The Wall – Sound Installation

The Wall Sound Installation
The dust road passing the Alberg Rural in El Polell has been used for transportation for centuries. Most people simply pass by without noticing any details along the way and without becoming conscious of all the people who walked that way before.

The sound installation “The Wall” draws the attention of those passing by to the smallest details that can be perceived when walking. It makes the wall talk as if ghosts of all those who passed by before were talking, talking, talking… and walking, walking, walking.

In order to create the material for this installation the method of Automatic Speaking (invented by Antje Vowinckel) was used. It transforms the technique of Ecrivé Automatique to voice by slowly walking while constantly speaking anything that can be perceived and comes to mind in the very moment. Done by different persons a variety of perspectives and perceptions of the environment can be recorded and composed as a puzzled reality. In this installation the visitor can freely move between the speakers. The movement enables him to fade in and out, listen more closely or pass by another time.

The installation was created during Audiotalaia Summer Camp 2018 by Robert Coleman, Ludwig Meckel, and Carina Pesch. The residency was made possible by the European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo.



TOM’s Journey. 3 People and a Tube.

We found TOM by the side of the dust road. TOM is a tube that is supposed to be burried underneath the road, ready to channel rain water to the valley – just in case. Because the area of El Polell in Spain is extremely dry, it rarely rains, and TOM – not in the ground and without water – is without purpose. We improvised on that purpose, taped a redording device and mics into TOM’s belly, brought the tube back to the water and into the dry.

The field recording composition portrays TOM’s journey and his natural habitat by sound. It is uncut and recorded in real time. It was created during Audiotalaia Summer Camp 2018 by Joan Cot Ros, Martin Pineda, and Carina Pesch. The residency was made possible by the European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo.
Pictures: here.




Smacking one’s lips and coughing are unwanted sounds. Usually they are cut out of any radio production. The artist took them out of the bin and composed a rhythm from these sounds that tells more than thought about the speaker and his surrounding. Disturbing noises become the protagonist here since they are mostly silenced wrongly. The last words translate to “Impossile, what he allows himself” and “psst, it continues”.
Phonurgia Nova Awards (FRANCE) 15th of August in the Jardin des arts de l’espace Van Gogh
Jet FM 91.2 in September, Monday to Friday, 18:59
Radio Station Essence (FRANCE)
Festival Ecoute.s.. Grenoble, (FRANCE), in April 2018
• Team La Baie des Sons (FRANCE), Saint-Brieuc 26th – 27th of May 2018
CKRL 89,189,1 (CANADA), in fall 2018
framework radio (ESTONIA)
• Festival, Sienne (ITALY)
Escuela de Radio TEA FM (SPAIN), June 2018
• DiffusionFM 91.9 Sidney (AUSTRALIA), May 2018
Radio Campus Paris (93.9FM) Paris (93.9FM), summer 2018 18:59
Radio Tsonami (CHILI)
Colaboradio, (Germany), Potsdam & Berlin, in May and summer




Mit verbundenen Augen, verkabelt mit Mikrophon, Aufnahmegerät und Kopfhörern klopft die Autorin an die Türen von Fremden. Das Versuchssetting wird zum Symbol für das Überbrücken sozialer Grenzen und Unterschiede. Intimität wird in der Begegnung inszeniert. Was bleibt, wenn Menschen nur hörbar sind? Wenn sich das Machtverhältnis zwischen Interviewer und Interviewtem wendet?

Eingereicht beim HearSay International Audio Arts Festival 2017.
English transcript here

Nominiert für den Publikumspreis das Kurze Brennende Mikro beim Berliner Hörspielfestival 2018. Am 28.04.2018 zwischen 21 und 22 Uhr zu hören im Theaterdiscounter in Berlin.




Das Internet ist voller Tier-Videos. Während Katzen am prominentesten sind, werden die Vögel oft übersehen. Schade. Denn die Inszenierung der Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Vogel verweist auf fundamentale Themen – Freiheit, Intimität und deren Perversion. Die Collage kontrastiert 5 Regeln zum Zähmen des Vogels mit omnipräsenten Verhaltensweisen, mit denen Menschen Vögeln begegnen.

Eingereicht & präsentiert bei 60 Secondes Radio 2017 und Datscha Radio 2017.
60 Secondes Radio ist ein internationaler Wettbewerb für Radiokunst. 2017 wurden 123 Arbeiten aus 23 Ländern eingereicht. Unterstützt von der National Campus and Community Radio Association of Canada, l’École des Médias und Phonurgia Nova. Datscha Radio ist eine temporäre Radiostation mit wechselnden Standorten und zugleich ein globales Gartenforschungsprojekt von Gabi Schaffner. Realisiert wird es in Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen AkteurInnen der Radiokunstszene.

Am 25. Februar 2019 und am 8. März 2019, jeweils ab 0:05 in der Kurzstrecke 83 auf Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

English transcript here




Was normalerweise in der Produktion herausgeschnitten wird, wird hier zum Protagonisten. Aus Störgeräuschen wie Schmatzen und Husten entwickelt sich ein charakteristischer Rhythmus, der langsam Fahrt aufnimmt.
Konzeption, Aufnahme: Carina Pesch
Rhythmisches Arrangement: Sebastian Weber